Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My dirty little..FRIDGE

Day #2 on the challenge for me today and it was to clean and organize our fridge/freezer. Since I don't really use my top freezer for much I skipped that. We use the deep freezer downstairs and that is pretty solid full. I started shelf by shelf, and categorized everything. This took me awhile since my shelves either adjust so they are too big or too small so somethings didn't fit well.

Here is my dirty fridge, in it's chaotic post-holiday disaster complete with food spills now that the kids can get into the fridge!!

I used Shaklee basic H to clean out the fridge. Don't need any nasty chemicals and smells around my food!

Much better!! Top shelf is eggs and coffee creams, the blue tote holds our sauces and jams. I like to make my own jam so there is a lot in there! The second shelf is our milk and creams. The pink tote holds all of our condiments. The last shelf is dedicated to items I bake, left overs and whatever I will prepare for supper. If you are wondering what is in the blue bowl... Yes, that is waterfowl you see. Baked duck for supper!! Hubby's favorite..Not mine!

I wanted to go to Walmart today and get some matching totes for the fridge but I had to take Alex for his immunizations so the ugly pink and blue ones are temporary ;)

Here is the finished door side of the fridge. How do you organize your wine bottles for the fridge? I can't seem to get my bottles to fit well.

How do you organize your fridge??


  1. I don't know why I didn't see your blog posts until now. After all, I'm on FB like 24.7! lol I like this idea. I hate our fridge. The previous owner didn't clean it much. When we moved in 2010 I found things that expired in 2004! There are lots of stains and dirt that I can't seem to get to no matter how hard I try.

  2. I had a sticky spill in ours one time (I think Curtis knocked over donair sauce in the back and didn't tell me) Wow!! I took the shelf out and used vim on it. These baskets are working out pretty good. Now if something spills I just got to clean the bottom of the tote instead of hauling out the glass shelf. Now to get neutral color ones LOL

  3. put a nice bowl in your fridge instead of egg carton