Friday, January 6, 2012

Clean bathroom & inside my purse

Hello! today's challenge was to clean the bathroom. You could deep clean or fake clean. I'm sure your wondering how the heck do you 'fake clean' a bathroom. It's kind of like fly lady's 'swish and swipe' approach. Since I just gave my bathroom a deep clean the day before I did the 'fake clean' option. We do have only one bathroom in this house and since it is slowly under renovations I do try to keep it tidy so whenever hubby has time off to work on it, he doesn't have to move around clutter. So today I polished the mirror, and give the toilet a wipe down and clean. Anna also suggests pumping in a squirt of whatever hand soap on your vanity, filling up the sink and giving that a clean, and adding a clean hand towel. Pretty simple steps to keeping the bathroom in decent shape and less work for you when it comes deep clean day in there. Also don't forget to sweep/steam mop the floors :)

I was so excited to try out my pumpkin chai latte soap I got for Christmas!

My clean sink, smelling pretty yummy too with that soap!

I also thought I would share with you how I organize my purse. I seen a great post over to A bowl full of lemons blog on how she keeps a super organized handbag. Sadly mine is no where near that efficient, I thought I would show you anyway. Maybe some of you have some suggestions on how to make it work a little better, any tips?

My handbag is the butler basics bag from Jen Groover that my Mom got last Spring. It has a organizer built inside.

The leopard print wallet carries all my store cards while the pink eel skin carries money/change and my debit/credit card. Got to have Kleenex (most times there is baby wipes and snacks in there too for the kids) from time to time I carry my kobo but mostly it sits on my nightstand as I like to read in bed. I carry around extra keys and lastly chap stick!

How do you organize your handbag?


  1. Thanks for linking up. I think its pretty organized. Love my kindle too!


  2. I love those special soaps. I got one in my stocking this year and haven't even set it out yet. I really need to do that.