Thursday, February 28, 2013

How to spot clean micro suede furniture

Last spring I was SUPER excited to finally be able to purchase a new sofa set. We shopped around and even though leather is the easiest to clean we chose micro suede because we have animals and thought they might pick the fabric. Micro suede is marketed as an easy to care for fabric...That had me sold! Well.... anytime anything HUMAN goes near my sofa I end up with stains!! My cat lays on it and drools...Water stain! My little ones hands...Water stains! Story of my life.

I googled many different methods of cleaning the sofa and YES! You guessed it, they all ended up causing more Water Stains!!!!

I recently came across Oxi-clean multipurpose stain remover spray. I originally purchased this for my laundry and after further reading the bottle, discovered you can use this on upholstery as well. I thought I would test out a small area to see if the cleaner would be safe for my furniture. Success!

Before oxi-clean, I spot treated my furniture with rubbing alcohol with moderate success. I get great results with the oxi-clean. It was a big help when my youngest decided to have a 'accident' in the recliner!!

--Try a inconspicuous area before treating your stain--

All you need:
-1 bottle of  oxi-clean multipurpose stain remover
-A natural non-dyed cloth/rag (do not use color as the color of the cloth might bleed onto your sofa fabric)
-Your vacuum

                                                                 (The offending stain!!)

Start by vacuuming your sofa clean.

You then want to saturate your cloth with the oxi-clean. The bottle suggests you do NOT spray directly onto your sofa.

Scrub with your rag in a circular motion feathering out the wet spot.

Allow to dry. (You may notice while it dries your fabric gets a little stiff) this is where a brush comes in handy. Just brush over the area and ta-da! (again in circle motion) Brand new sofa again!

So far since my sofa is fairly new, I just deal with water stains. I know with older sofa's you sometimes get that worn, slick leather like texture on them this technique works well for those issues as well.

---Please note, I am not affiliated with Oxi-clean. The opinions of this post are mine and are purely meant to show you how I clean my furniture.

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