Sunday, March 4, 2012

DIY Ikea hemnes shoe cabinet

What a great weekend it has been! We finally got some snow for the kids to make a snowman (too bad it left as fast as it came) and we got our shoe cabinet finished. My husband did all the work, I just tried to look busy with the paint brush haha!! It was not too difficult of a project and I think he rather enjoyed putting this together. Below are some pictures I had taken throughout the steps of putting it all together.

The pine frame coming together

Now add on the top

Prime the knots

Everything together (before prime and paint)

Fresh coat of paint (Beauti-tone diamond sky)

Now turn your heads to see our finished product!

Can't wait to fill that baby with lot's of shoes!!

Bottom drawer will be for kiddo things

Now I can't wait to add some new fresh color to my mudroom walls, a nice runner for the floor and some cute wall art.


  1. Looks fantastic! Great job

  2. Wow! Looks just like it! I actually have the hemnes dresser and bedroom set. Such a great tutorial. New follower! *xo*

  3. that looks fantastic! Nice knock-off- you can't even tell!!!