Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Traditional Cape Sable Island Creamed lobster recipe

The last Monday in November to May 31st runs our lobster fishing season and there is NOTHING I look more forward to than a delicious meal of creamed lobster :) I remember this dish on many a table all my life, and I'm pretty certain people were cooking it long before I was around ;)

If you google cream lobster, you don't get any images or recipes of how we make it so you are surely missing out! This is not something you would typically see in a recipe book or index card in a ladies kitchen here. Like myself my Mother taught me how to cook it, and my Grandmother taught her. So I will do my best to explain this out. If you tackle the recipe and have any questions, please feel free to email me at momm2maddiealex@hotmail.ca and I will be glad to help! :)

You can make this recipe with just as little as 2-3 lobster!

1. First start by boiling your lobster.
2. once finished, shell said lobster.
3. Cut up your lobster meat in bite size pieces (cleaning tail meat)

4. You are going to fry your lobster meat in about 3 heaping tbs of butter (this isn't diet friendly ha ha) and about 1Tbs. vinegar. I use malt but white is fine too. (Do this as soon as you add your meat to the pan, so all flavor is absorbed through this process since you will be adding cream later.)

5. Fry lobster meat till it turns a nice orange hue. (on medium-low heat for about 15-20mins)
6. Now you will need to add approx. 1 1/2 cups of heavy cream (35%) and 1 cup of blend cream (10%) continue to heat on medium until mixture comes to a boil.
7. while you are awaiting the cream/lobster mixture to reach boiling, mix one cup of water (in a mug or glass) with 2 tbs of cornstarch. Mix well.
8. Once you have reached boiling point, thicken with cornstarch mixture. (Like my mother taught me pour cornstarch mixture slowly into the boiling bubbles, slowly stir it through the entire pan) When finished and you have reached desired thickness turn burner on low/simmer and now it's time to eat!!

This dish is served over buttered toast with a side of fries or mashed potatoes (with additional cream mixture poured on your potato side for good measure) Serve with any additional veggies of your choice. I suggest peas.

Note: Like many suggest to buy local grown/organic fruits and veggies from the farmer vs. grocery store I feel the same with seafood. Purchase your lobster straight from the fisherman to ensure you are getting the best quality you will get. This is a traditional Cape Island recipe so of course it will taste best with Cape Island Lobster :)  ----> Fresh and ORGANIC  sold here

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