Saturday, February 11, 2012

Organize your finances/budget Pt.1

When I started implementing organization into my life, I realized I needed it in all aspects of my life. I noticed around the 'blog world' a lot of people follow Dave Ramsey's budget One bit of advice from him is to pay cash for things. When you actually see your money being handed over instead of a swipe of a debit/visa card you are more inclined to reevaluate your purchases. If you need to budget, that might just be the push you need with your unnecessary expenses. However, I am one of those awkward people always fumbling with cash at the register, just jamming it wherever in my purse and sometimes dropping quarters and pennies on the floor (embarrassing!!) so I made a cash envelope system (you can also purchase these from Dave Ramsey website) but figured since I am on a budget, why spend more? Most of my bills I pay online so my envelope system only contains four envelopes. Groceries, Gas, Household, and Misc. The Misc. envelope is for entertainment which sadly doesn't happen too often ha ha!! I am by no means crafty so I'm sure if you decide to do this you could make a much prettier system. Even though not the most gorgeous item but it functions perfect for me. It fits great into my wallet. All I did was google a printable template for a envelope and made them with scrapbook paper. Even if you are not on a budget, I think this is a good way to manage your cash.


  1. Great idea. I have been wanting to follow this system of Dave Ramsey. Bought the book and read a few chapters, and I actually paid off one credit card, and saved up some money. Thanks for inspiring me to start now.

  2. Thanks for stopping by home happy home! I love getting to meet new bloggers!

  3. First- You're envelopes are just too cute. I recently gave up scrapbooking, so thanks for yet another idea on how to use my hoard of scrabbook papers. :)
    I've been trying to persuade my husband to use this system instead of "earning points" with our credit card. It's so easy to lose track of spending! He's one of those people who doesn't believe anything until it's proven in black and white, on google, or he hears suze orman say it out loud. Thanks so much for giving me a new resource! Dave Ramsey might just help me win this one.