Monday, August 1, 2011

Some cleaning products I LOVE

So just thought I'd write a quickie on some cleaners that I LOVE LOVE! I don't sell shaklee, or am endorsing them. It all started with the kids and I having asthma, strong cleaners giving me headaches and making me nauseated that pushed my quest to find something that didn't make us sick. I did a lot of looking online and reading reviews and I came across Shaklee products. Found a woman that was able to ship me some. I am quite amazed. I got one bottle of basic H. You mix it to whatever type of cleaner you need. So I have a spray bottle for windows/glass, all purpose and degreaser. I use about one drop to 16oz of water, so needless to say that bottle of basic H will last me about a year or longer. It has no smell. The window cleaner cleans my windows way better than windex or bonami ever did. I also bought the scour off. I find it works really good on the bath tub soap scum. It's made from ground up cherry pits so that smells nice. I don't have to worry about this stuff triggering the kids asthma, being unsafe for my pets, or harming our environment so that is what sold me. What are some of your favorite cleaning arsenal?

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  1. Hi! Thank you for your comments! Oh and I love shaklee...thought about selling it! Have a wonderful week~ Aubrey