Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tackle the toys!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. It's been quite a few sleepless nights around here with my youngest cutting new teeth, and now going through some nighttime separation anxiety and possibly nightmares. So when I'm not tending to the kids I'm either taking a cat nap standing up or flaked out in my cup of coffee...ha ha just kidding... but I wish I wasn't. A sign I need a nap?

So since we are on the subject of kids, does anyone else have trouble tackling children's toys? I know with Christmas that has just past we are starting pile up with toys again and it does get a little overwhelming. I don't have a playroom for the kids heck I don't even have separate living room and family room. My living room functions as all three. I do keep the toys in my children's rooms since we live in a single story bungalow but they always migrate out into the living room. A friend of mine did a wonderful post on how she manages her sons toys, and she keeps it all under control. Simple steps that anyone can do and it keeps your house from looking like toy's R'us exploded in your living room! It's inspired me this week to tackle my house of toys and gave me some storage ideas. I will post on that when I am done. If your interested in her toy management ideas take a look :) http://www.morethanamomma.com/2012/01/too-many-toys.html

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