Monday, January 2, 2012

It's a brand New Year

Happy 2012!! Hope the New Year brings happiness and health to you all. Do you have any resolutions as you go into 2012? This year I want to become more organized with my life and my home. (that's one of the reason's I have started this blog, to track my journey) Along with my organized life and home, I would like a healthy life for my family and myself, and a healthy home. I am to cook healthy meals, choose healthy snacks, and free our home of products that are doing more harm than good. I also am going to try to make more time for the Hub's and I. We really need to aim for one date night a least. With two small kids that are basically attached to our hips hehehe!! A little escape together will help keep our sanity and flourish our relationship. With that being said I have found amongst the blogs that I read a 14 day challenge on 14 days with 14 different organizational challenges that you can link up to. I suggest if you have the same resolution goal to head on over and link up. You can join in at any time of the challenge. The first day was to take down and organize your Christmas decor'. I didn't join in on that one as my Christmas things are already down. She does have some good storage tips on there though!!

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