Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fighting off the paper monster the cheap way

The paper clutter in my house had spiraled out of control. I had paper stuffed in ever spot of the computer desk, on top of the dishwasher(our hot spot) and in junk drawers. However, the computer area being the worst. Since I only have a 3 bedroom home with 2 kids already, sadly my computer/office has to make it's home in my open kitchen and dinning area. It seems to be the hub of the home so I figured that would be the perfect spot for my family command center. Let me show you first what I had to work with. Like I said, it got out of control!!

The first picture is paper hiding under the desk and of course the top of the desk complete with coffee cup, random junk and sippy cups!!

I started by taking everything out. When I was done I had plenty for the trash and my paper shredder was full. If you like to save kiddo art hole punch it and stick it in a binder. You have it as a keep sake but it's not floating everywhere. If you don't need it, toss it! However, if it has any personal information printed please shred!!!! Keep like items together ex; cords, office supplies, pens etc. I also unplugged all the cords to my computer and printer, untangled them and used bread tags to label them.

I just labeled this one as "sound" that was about all I had room for. I'm sure you have already figured out it's for my speakers ;)

I purchased this cute crocodile print mail holder at Winners. Right now in the first slot it holds the stripe notebook but when I find a small accordion folder for coupons that will fill the space. The next slot is my daily agenda that I made (I will post on how to do that soon) Then you have the incoming folder that contains any mail/bills that I have yet to tend to or any material that needs reading. Outgoing basically speaks for itself. Anything that needs to be mailed, submitted etc. And lastly the "to File" is any material that has been reviewed and now needs to be put away.

Now if you just tilt your head (I guess I'm yet to figure out how to upload pics in blogger efficiently) The finished command station. The desk top is clean as well but blogger decided to eat that photo :(

When trying to find a space for a command center take note around your home of the 'paper piles' and hot spots that you leave things sitting. Table, counter top, entryway etc are common places. Find a solution to corral the paper, invest in a calender so everyone in your family can jot down appointments and plans. This little area should essentially be the receptionist of your household :)

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  1. thanks so much for these ideas! i never thot about the fruit bag tags! i can't wait to dig in your blog, i'm your newest follower! come by and check mine if and follow along if you like.
    ps. I'm so glad i'm not the only who doesn't know how to rotate the pictures on blogger!