Saturday, January 21, 2012

Getting organized, but where to start?

One tip I learned with attempting to organize is to actually figure out everything that needs a better system. I started off thinking of things around the house that just doesn't work, but after a few things I was stumped. That's when I got out a notebook (I'm sure my husband just shivered at the thought of an entire honey do....NOTEBOOK ha ha!!) and I started at the very first room and worked my way throughout the house. I read somewhere once that if you want things to function well, it doesn't hurt to have it esthetically pleasing to the eye. Meaning we tend to keep up with things/take care of them when we actually like it, or find it nice to look at. With that being said you do have to find a balance and keep it budget friendly, or in my case anyway. I thought it would be fun to show you my list of things that need a change!

My first room is the mudroom. Right now it is a wasted space. Doesn't function well since it is pretty tiny and has TWO inswing doors (one to the basement and one going outside) we stopped using the door do go in and out of the house since we installed the patio door in the dinningroom/kitchen. I'll adress that problem next. Mudroom just functions as a junk room now holding random crap, shoes, mops/broom and other random things my son likes to throw over the baby gate.

Next is my dinningroom/kitchen. I hope to have the mudroom functioning again so I can eliminate wear on my patio door and all the random shoes in the dinningroom and wherever else the kids drag them off to. Next thing is to clean up the *hot spot* that is the area that all junk lands to and that would be the top of my dishwasher. Which I might add hubby still needs to build in. I also need to tackle my cupboards. It's a major pain climbing all the way in them just to look for a cassrole dish.

My livingroom has become 'toy central' even though I keep toys in each childs room, they still like to bring them out and play with them. My poor mantle has become another hot spot as well. Random junk that my kids hide up there.

Last on the list would be my daughters room. She is dress up crazy. That is fine with me, but I don't enjoy picking up every ounce of clothing that was hung in her cloest from all over the house. She does the same with clothes in her dresser as well. Despite the drawer locks. It's not as easy to convince her to pick up toys afterwards as it is her younger brother either.

So those are the things I struggle with the most. It feels like when you have lost control of your home, it doesn't feel like home anymore and sometimes you don't feel relaxed or even want to be in a certain room or even the house. So I want to tackle these things so I can make my house the cozy home we deserve it to be.

Some places for my inspiration along my organizational journey are ofcourse pinterest. Love all the ideas I come across on there. Your welcome to check out my boards for tips. You can find me here --->

Also websites like and ofcourse

I hope these websites give you a few ideas, or the inspiration to get things in motion :) I look forward to tracking my progress with you :)

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